Syndicate database of hospitals and pharmacies,
doctors and pharmacists

Axioma is a syndicate database for pharmaceutical companies. Database services Axioma is dedicated to provide the most comprehensive and actual information on HCO’s and HCP’s. The data in the Axioma database is clarifying and refreshing constantly with the purpose of providing our partners with the most actual information.

  • Full universe of Russia and CIS countries;
  • Seamless integration with any CRM (Axioma has already been integrated with all the leading CRM platforms all over the world);
  • Constant validation and update processes;
  • SLA for data change requests (DCR) from 1 business day;
  • Verification data-sources diversity;
  • Local user support;
  • Legal and hierarchic structure of pharmacy chains support;
  • Compliant with Personal Data Law in all presence countries and with GDPR*.
*GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – EU framework for personal data protection of the EU residents.