Hospital consumption


The method is based on the audit and the processing of the data of purchases, contracts and agreements on the pharmaceutical market according to the Unified information system of state purchases and the audit of shipment to medical institutions (state and commercial).

Categories of research:

  • Drugs
  • Medical commodities*
  • Food supplements*
  • Child nutrition*
  • Cosmetics*
  • Disinfectant agents*
* on request

Key benefits of HOSPITAL CONSUMPTION project:

  • Complex approach to analysis of hospital consumption (auctions, contracts/agreements, shipments);
  • Distribution of state contracts to hospital and reimbursement channels in accordance with legislation and regulation of The Russian Federation;
  • The distribution of the reimbursement channel;
  • Data on the hidden parts of state contracts;
  • Tracking contracts with a single supplier (44 Federal Law article 93 section 1, 2);
  • Tracking of all the participants of joint purchase;
  • Audit of shipment to state medical institutions and commercial health centers;
  • Individual adjustment of competitors’ brands;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Processing of specific business-request;
  • Experienced user-support team.