Pharma hrm


CRM system : Pharma HRM

Pharma HRM is a CRM software for effective resource management in a pharmaceutical company.

Pharma HRM package consists of: the user’s licenses, the server’s licenses, the analytical licenses, the process of implementation of Pharma HRM, further technical and end-user support and users’ training.

A user’s license is a working place which is designed for system users (office or remote access);

The analytical license is online specialized access to Pharma HRM resources through the QlikView (access to the basic analytics – Organizations, Clients, Plan Performance, Promotions, Sales, Reports on the process of users’ training in the “Remote education Pharma HRM” system).


The key component of the idea and its benefit is information continuity between a customer relationship management system (CRM) and electronic detailing system (e-Detailing). This mechanism has two-way connection and eliminates the need of entering the information several times.

  • Personal detailing;
  • Convenient reports;
  • Reports development of any level;
  • No need to double information in several systems.

Technical support

Proxima Research provides technical support in order to bring high quality experience through all license time of Pharma HRM usage. All requests are classified to various levels of support.

First line –
standard requests

All Pharma HRM users are able to submit unlimited amount of requests to the technical support.

Second line –
VIP support

This level of support is provided to the client’s top managers.

The First line technical support (the operators get requests via phone, Skype or e-mail, log requests and provide necessary support) available 5 days per week, 14 hours per day (5x15) from 7:00 till 21:00 Moscow time but weekends and holidays.

The Second line technical support (the specialists get requests from the first line operators and engage specialists from neighboring departments: integration consultants, developers). The Second line is available 5 days per week, 8 hours per day (5x8) at working time from 09:00 till 18:00 Moscow time but weekends and holidays.

Approximate reply time is no more than 3 hours (for e-mail requests reply time is 14 working hours); technical support can install product and update remotely.

There is an automatic generation of the request number for each technical request in the inner Proxima’s ticket system through which we confirm getting the request. The Technical support team can provide a customer’s responsible representative with the information of all the requests including the date, the request content, the status and the personal information of a requester.

CRM WEB-services

  • Photo layout
  • Admin panel (the user’s directory adjustment, editing a cycle plan, etc)
  • GPS

eDucation — remote education system

Knowledge database

  • Video and audio materials
  • PowerPoint and Flash presentations
  • Copies of printed editions
  • Personal account


  • Self-control tests
  • Subject tests
  • Final tests
  • Assessments
  • Motivation


  • Company’s employees
  • Doctors
  • Pharmacistsr


Pharma HRM can seamlessly integrate the syndicate database Axioma (the database of doctors and pharmacists, hospitals and pharmacies) or any external database. In order to maintain the database in the comprehensive status all the data which is included in Axioma is verified. All the “passport” information which is got by MR is accumulated in the verification center and carefully verified on daily basis. Axioma can be seamlessly integrated with any Pharma HRM services which allows to consolidate the detailed analytics on MRs, including the accordance of GPS to visited places.