REP Check (Traper)

the assessment of the performance of medical representatives

Telephone survey or personal interview assessment for the following purposes:

  • Assessment of the correctness of the choice of the target audience for promotion (capacity assessment);
  • Determination of a drug / company proportion in the recommendations of the target audience in a separate category;
  • Identification of the level of memorability of visits of a MR;
  • Assessment of differentiation level of key messages;
  • Determination of the quality of competitors’ work within a business framework.

Our key benefits:

  • Rich experience in the assessment of the effectiveness of sales force in Russia and CIS countries;
  • Complex approach to the assessment of MRs’ performance;
  • Own contact and address database of doctors and pharmacies which allow us to communicate with the target audience directly personally or via phone;
  • Training user on how to work with rep-check results;
  • Individual approach to each new project.

Traper 360 — study which aims at determining the level of medical marketing knowledge, key messages knowledge of MR of promoted drugs after cycle meetings. Conducted through a phone interview.

Our key benefits:

  • Conducting the research on several products simultaneously. In one interview – 3-5 questions on different products;
  • Fast — within 1-3 days various MR are given VARIOUS of issues (several types of profile) in case to avoid the transferring of information between MR;
  • Deep — it is possible to make several waves with different issues;
  • Authentically — the research is performed by experienced operators under the guidance of supervisors;
  • Effectively — it is possible to establish the KPI according to the results of a research.