RxTest & PromoTest

the research of
specialists’ preferences

PromoTest — Monitoring of promotion activity of the pharmaceutical companies.

PromoTest is conducted among doctors and pharmacists on monthly basis in big cities of Russia. Analyzed indexes – calls of medical representatives, conferences, advertising and other most influential promotion channels.

RxTest — Audit of doctors’ prescriptions.

RxTest is an audit of medical prescriptions in the context of prescribed brands, specialties, diagnosis, co-morbidities and patients’ portraits. The research is conducted on monthly basis among doctors from policlinics and hospitals of 17 specialties in big cities of Russia.

Key benefits:

  • Monthly basis;
  • Monitoring of the prescription fact, not a planned one;
  • Data is available on the 45th day;
  • Deep expertized analysis based on two handbooks of diagnosis – MKB-10 and doctors’ one;
  • Wide range coverage of specialists: pharmacies, doctors of policlinics and hospitals;
  • User-friendly QlikView interface;
  • Advanced service with pre-configured markets and trainings;
  • On-time support.